Increased Workplace Productivity – Guaranteed

At Trinity Fit we understand that active workplaces are productive workplaces. We also recognise that busy professionals find it hard to build exercise into their hectic schedules.

That’s why we are passionate about working with businesses to design and deliver exercise solutions that optimise employees’ health, wellbeing and performance.

So why not contact us today to find out more about the tangible business benefits of our tailored workplace exercise programmes.


Do you want to maximise staff performance?

Global studies into the benefits of exercise on performance at work show that exercise such as yoga, aerobics or strength training:

Increases brain function, concentration and information-processing

Improves decision-making, time management and productivity

Enhances wellbeing, motivation and morale

Lowers stress, combats fatigue and boosts energy

Promotes better health and reduces workaday absence

But timing is important too. Experts recommend exercising in the morning or at lunchtime as the best way to enhance brain power and increase productivity.

It is not surprising, therefore, that more and more successful companies – including Google and Nike – encourage and enable employees to take exercise during the working day.


We Deliver Trinity Fit Workplace Exercise Programmes When and Where You Want Them

Whatever the size of your business or budget, our highly qualified instructors can plan and lead bespoke exercise programmes in your workplace or offsite.

We offer:

Access to specialist support from top fitness trainers

Holistic exercise programmes held before, during and after business hour

Low to high intensity exercise sessions delivered in the workplace

Exclusive classes for 5 to 12 participants in our private studio

Analysis of employees on going health and fitness data

Advice and guidance from highly-qualified nutritionists


For more information, expert advice and competitive pricing please contact us on

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