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Health is wealth

Tell me something new we hear you say. How about your employees’ health is your wealth? And how are they right now?

Probably stressed with dawn till dusk zoom calls or home schooling. Chances are they’re sleeping badly due to anxiety caused by the surreal world we currently find ourselves living in and, turning to food for comfort. Or alcohol.

So the answer is probably not in the best shape physically or mentally. And that’s where we come in. We’re here to look after the fitness, health and wellbeing of your best assets – your employees.

Benefits of a fit workforce

Countless studies show that a person who exercises regularly and eats a healthy balanced diet is 100 times more productive and has a stronger immune system (benefit to you – they take fewer sick days).


In other words a healthy active employee is a highly productive employee.


And that’s why our unique range of fitness and wellbeing services really are the business for your business.


From one to one sessions online to group sessions where colleagues can hook up virtually and train together with a skilled, highly qualified trainer it’s our mission to bring your workforce a workout.


And not just a workout – at TRINITY we want to lift their mood, feed their bodies and minds and get them back to optimal health and firing on all cylinders.


It is and always has been our mission to teach people how a healthy diet and active lifestyle can have a positive effect on EVERY aspect of life. Reinventing minds and bodies, reverting people back to the fit healthy, career driven person we ALL once were.


But if you’re still not convinced that you should invest your business in our business consider the benefits of exercise such as yoga, strength training and aerobic activity have on performance found in global studies. For example:

  • Increases brain function, concentration, and information-processing
  • Improves decision-making, time management and productivity
  • Enhances wellbeing, motivation, and morale
  • Lowers stress, combats fatigue, and boosts energy
  • Promotes better health and reduces work day absence

If those few examples alone still haven’t convinced you, whatever the size of your business and budget we will work with you to bring the best workshops, exercises classes and training programmes you can buy. All delivered within budget by skilled, highly qualified fitness professionals.

We normally deliver Trinity Fit Workplace Exercise programmes when and where you want them. Since COVID19 caused offices to close, all our corporate classes are now available to stream online.


Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you a link to access the subscribed classes.

Classes are up to 45min long. Classes will be exclusively taught for your employees and are booked as a company.

Members should wear comfortable clothing, have a yoga mat, small towel, and bottle of water handy.

Classes can be streamed to up to 50 people.

Yoga & Pilates


Essential for stressed bodies and minds. Flowing through a variety of movements and poses that will help them to release energy and combat stress and tension. Work pressure, stress and worry manifests tension in the body. As our lives become busier and busier worries, anxiety and fears build up and we have little time to deal with them. This practice will help let go of old patterns and teach us how to be more peaceful and focused.


If your posture in the office wasn’t great, imagine how bad it will be from home. Bad sitting posture isn’t just linked to chronic back, neck, hip, and knee pain, it’s also linked to digestion issues. Given the gut is the 2nd brain that will in turn affect mood and cognitive function. Pilates is highly effective in improving posture, body alignment and stability. Aesthetically it also tones, shrinks, and defines the whole body.



40 min classes utilising basic shapes and simple movements to hone in and isolate specific muscle groups in the legs, hips, core, and arms. Barre is proven to improve stability, mobility, and function. A unique form of training and an intense workout that is suitable for all body types and fitness levels.

Trinity Flow

The emphasis here is on body weight training in a full on workout,perfect for the majority of the nation working from home (instructor can incorporate light weights and resistance bands if accessible) Combining Barre, Yoga, Animal Flow and Pilates in one class will improve students’ posture, strength, stamina, and awareness.

BoxHIIT & Trinity360


Each class is designed to teach basic boxing skills. Learn a variety of core, cardio, and strength exercises whilst gaining hand-eye coordination, endurance, and confidence in a full body workout.


With the never ending lockdowns and our daily activities currently seriously restricted Trinity360 is designed to get hearts pumping and bodies firing. Packing a variety of workouts into every class from HIIT and cardio to strength and mobility by switching up movement patterns and pacing, this class transforms bodies 360 – degrees.

Nutrition Workshop

To kickstart our corporate nutrition workshops we offer a free one to one lunchtime nutrition consultation where we look at the food your employees eat and help them optimise their diet and nutrition.

Few people understand the role nutrition, and what we choose to put on our plate plays in every single function of our body.

When you consider that the gut is the 2nd brain you start to realise the role good nutrition and a healthy approach to diet and lifestyle plays in mental focus, cognitive function and overall productivity.

Our clarity of thought, ability to absorb and process information, manage stress and anxiety is MASSIVELY influenced by what we put on our plate.

Nutrition plays a big role in how well we sleep. Imagine the increase in productivity in your business when your employees are no longer suffering from the 3pm slump after lunch.

And then there’s the health and well being aspect. Lowering high blood pressure, reversing the onset of type 2 diabetes and bullet proofing our immune system can all be done through good nutrition.

In short nothing found in any pill bottle is more powerful than what goes on the end of you and your employees forks.

The choices are many. Full lifestyle analysis, one-to-one nutrition consultations, interactive nutrition group workshops, individually tailored diet plans or advanced meal-by-meal calorie/macro calculated nutrition programmes. It could even be something as simple as writing a healthier weekly shopping list via TRINITY’s lifestyle and nutrition services. With TRINITY, you and your employees will discover the power of what goes on your plate.


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