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7 benefits of ready meals delivered to your door.

If you are looking for ready cooked meals delivered to your door, or even fresh food delivery in London, you won’t be lacking for options. Prepackaged meals have come a long way from when the only options were energy-dense, nutritionally-poor, paper-packaged foods in the frozen section of a supermarket or grocery.

Traditionally, ready-to-eat meals, precooked, or prepackaged meals have higher calories, higher fat, and lower nutritional value than homecooked meals, leading to weight gain and increased risk of obesity. However, according to a recent British study published by the BMC Public Health, food outlets in England that sold ready-to-eat meals (eat in, takeaways, and delivery) were making interventions and taking initiatives to promote healthier versions of their meals. That has led to a lot of services for fresh food delivery in UK as well as many options for meal delivery service, especially in the London area.

Typically, about 25% of the UK population eats outside their home at least once a week, hence public awareness of the nutritional content of ready-to-eat meals is a public health need. Ready-to-eat prepackaged meals should be nutritionally-balanced, easily available, and affordable to limit access to unhealthy junk foods, which leads to weight gain, obesity, and other medical challenges. And with many options for meal prep delivery in London, having healthy meals delivered to your door should not be a challenge.

London has a great selection of healthy foods from restaurants and takeaway eateries, sit-in eateries, as well as food delivery services in London and the Greater London area. Even though deciding on which fresh food delivery company to work with can be frustrating when you have so many options to choose from, once you know how to choose the best food delivery service online, the process will be so much easier. With more homemade-style, ready-to-eat meal options from top food delivery companies like ours becoming available to you, and even more ready cooked meals delivered to your door, it has become easier to order prepackaged meal plans to fit your nutritional needs. You probably already have your reasons for preferring precooked meals over other options, but here are the top seven reasons why you should consider making precooked, prepackaged meals part of your long-term diet goals.

1. Convenient and stress-free

One of the advantages of ready-to-eat meal delivery, sometimes known as a food box delivery, is worry-free meal times. It’s also one of the reasons most people first consider having healthy meals delivered to their doors. Cooking your own meals, even when it’s fun, often requires food shopping, planning and worrying about what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You may even worry about snacks, and if you’re a juicer, how to make your own fresh juices. If you are cooking for more than one, or have a family with kids, it becomes more complicated since you have to take into account everyone’s palate. This is enough to cause some stress and anxiety, especially when you have competing obligations and might not have time to cook a sensible meal.

With precooked, ready-to-eat meals, you save a lot of time because all you have to do is simply decide what you want to eat, place your online food order, and when you’re ready, your healthy alternative food from any of your favourite food delivery London companies is ready to eat. Precooked food is also perfect for lunch at work, dinner at home, or even a meal for a long road trip. For those who enjoy eating in a restaurant often, precooked meals can save some waiting time as well. And if you’re in a city like London, which can get hectic, having an option eating fresh, precooked meals from a meal delivery service, can make a difference in whether you maintain your healthy food goals or resort to junk food at your weakest point.

2. Weight loss, weight gain, and muscle mass

For people interested in weight loss, most precooked, ready-made meals and ready-to-eat prepared foods are portion controlled and come with nutritional labelling comprising of the right quantity of macronutrients and micronutrients to meet your nutritional needs for healthy and safe weight loss. At Vanda’s Kitchen, we go the extra length by working in partnership with our qualified nutritionist to come up with the perfect set of meals for your healthy weight goals.

Portion-controlled, precooked meals are also beneficial for gaining weight, building strength, or building muscles, especially for athletes undergoing intensive training, or sporty people working on becoming fitter and stronger. Athletes, body builders, and others trying to build muscle often use carefully designed meals to achieve their goals. Food like those made in our kitchen are high in protein, which is important for muscle development and improved athletic performance. High protein also helps with mental clarity and well-being, and is also essential for weight loss. Very much like our weight loss food, foods for weight gain and muscle development are designed in partnership with our qualified nutritionist to make sure you have the right food for your body goals. When you order one of our home delivery foods or meal boxes, you will be getting a nutritionist-approved precooked meal.

3. Healthy and fresh

We often think foods not made at home are unhealthy because we are not in control of what goes into the food. While this might often be the case, home cooking is not always necessarily healthy since our foods are only as healthy as their ingredients, how those ingredients are sourced, and how the meals were cooked. Sometimes we add a little more of a high-caloric ingredient just because we’re experimenting. Sometimes the ingredients available to us are filled with preservatives, or simply not fresh. When we cook at home, we also most often overeat because we sometimes make more than we need for one meal, just to have leftovers for another meal, or we are measuring our food the wrong way, something we can avoid with portion-sized foods when we have ready meals delivered.

The right fresh precooked meals are healthy alternatives to home cooking for times when you don’t want to cook. A good precooked meal should be made with the highest quality, and if possible, fresh locally-sourced ingredients. They should also be made in a way that minimizes loss of valuable food nutrients as well as cooked in a healthy way. They should contain some superfoods, and even immune booster foods. You should be aware of what goes into your precooked meal before ordering since not every precooked meal is healthy. At Vanda’s Kitchen, we source our products locally, and from trusted suppliers to guarantee that we not only cook with the freshest ingredients, but we also deliver healthy meals to your door.

4. Calorie tracking and accountability

If you need to keep track of how you’re doing with your food and nutrition as a part of your overall nutrition goals, pre-cooked, ready-to-eat foods will help you do so. Precooked, ready-to-eat meals are typically prepared and labelled with the caloric content so you don’t have to guess how many calories you’re eating per meal. And when in doubt, our certified nutritionist is on hand to help.

Ready-to-eat foods, like those we make at Vanda’s Kitchen, tell you exactly how much of every macro and micro nutrient you’re eating so you can meet your individualised food goals. Knowing what is contained in each meal helps you track your caloric intake – high calories to gain weight, low calories to lose weight, or a balance for calories for weight maintenance. Home-style, cooked ready meals keep you accountable to your body, health and wellness goals. It also allows you to plan your healthy meals in advance while remaining dedicated to achieving your current food goals.

5. Fresh and tasty

Taste is everything in food. One of the biggest problems people often have with ready meals or precooked meals is taste. They are often unsure if the food will taste natural and if they will like it. Unlike the wide variety of frozen foods in the supermarket which are made often made with preservatives that often affect their taste and freshness, we cook our meals in individualised batches so every single meal is enjoyable to eat while providing the nutrients you need to support your health and wellness. Every single order will be a fresh food delivery to any location of your choice in London.

Most precooked, ready-to-eat meals, regardless of where you order from in London, should be consistently delicious, even if the taste is slightly different due to the individualised cooking, so you know what you’re getting every time you get the same meal. At Vanda’s Kitchen, we also do not freeze our meals at any part of our process. This ensures that we retain the nutrients, taste, and visual appeal of the meals.

6. Eat a healthy variety even when tired

Precooked, ready meals come in a lot of varieties so you can switch up your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks without getting bored, even when you’re tired and unmotivated to cook. Variety in our eating plan is important for healthy eating and healthy weight. Prepacked meals allow us a broad variety of food to mix-and-match with our own home cooking.

And for those days where we aspire to cook and eat healthy but are so tired or sleep deprived the best we can do is eat some unhealthy fast food, nibble on snacks, or just eat whatever is most available to us, online food delivery of ready meals can save the day. With a ready-to-eat meal waiting in your kitchen, it is easy to avoid the junk food pitfall most of us fall into when we don’t feel like cooking, and maintain control of what goes into our body even when we are physically and mentally exhausted.

7. Affordable chef-prepared

Most people often assume precooked meals are expensive, but on the contrary, given the time and resource you save with precooked meals, it’s very affordable compared to restaurants and even cooking at home. This is because a good precooked food delivery company will source local, affordable products and will pass that savings on to you. The foods are also individualised yet made in larger batches than you would otherwise make at home. Bulk cooking saves money and these savings are often passed to you. When you cook at home, apart from time spent cooking, you also have to account for energy used for cooking.

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