Looking for high-intensity workouts designed to push your limits? You’ve come to the right place. TRINITY classes are designed to transform physiques, see strength surge, improve mobility, build stamina, lift your mood and leave you feeling ready to rock the world – physically and mentally. Classes range from 30 – 45 mins, are coached by some of the best personal trainers in the industry who make it their mission that EVERY member leaves EVERY class feeling beyond A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.



Challenge your anaerobic AND aerobic system in one epic class. RowHIIT takes the rowing machine and lays down the gauntlet to members by incorporating it into an intense circuit of full body strength exercises. Its the ultimate battle of cardio training versus strength training.


Trinity Flow

Body weight training BUT… not as you know it. TRINITY Flow is a unique combination of Barre, Yoga, Animal Flow and Pilates in ONE class. Via a sequence of movement seamlessly flow from one position to the next working every muscle in your body. This class will not only transform your physique but awaken your mind to a new way to train.



The fight to get fit stops here. Specifically designed to combine cardio drills, strength and core exercises whilst teaching professional boxing and self-defence skills. Add to that developing lightning fast hand to eye coordination, unstoppable endurance and soaring self confidence – 360 fitness doesn’t pack a bigger punch than TRINITY BOXHIIT.


Extreme Strength & Sweat

Never has a class been truer to its name. Mixing up resistance and cardio training, reducing rest periods to the absolute minimum takes your training to the max. Extreme energy, extreme intensity, are you ready to push your health and fitness to the extreme?



Full on and full body this class will literally get you bodybootiful. Through a series of training stations working different muscle groups whip your body into shape and fire up your strength and fitness TRINITY BootCamp style.



Ever wished you could be bikini ready on demand? Then wish no more – legs, bums, and tums is the class for you. Utilising a variety of key exercises become the proud owner of a strong, toned beautifully defined physique.


Weights & Gainzzz

Fan of heavy metal? Have we got the class for you. These pure strength and resistance sessions build in lifts that build strong bodies and defined aesthetics. Kettlebells, barbells, power bags, slam bags if its heavy, you’ll be lifting it and reaping the gainzzzzz.


Body Basic

Welcome to the cornerstones of training. Getting the basics bang on is key to staying injury free and fit and healthy for life. Stripping key lifts down to body weight we focus on the fundamentals teaching you how to master everything from the art of the squat to the lunge, pull up to the push up in a fast paced, energising and inspiring class.



Every week brings a new workout in TRINITY 360 but one thing never changes – every workout is designed to get hearts pumping and bodies firing. Packing a variety of workouts into every class from HIIT and cardio to strength and mobility by switching up movement patterns and pacing, this class transforms bodies 360 – degrees.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions about our studio classes.


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