Whether you are after intimate group classes or personal training sessions, we are confident
Trinity Fit has something for you. If you are unsure of what might be the best option for you,
pop into the gym or give us a call so one of our health & fitness experts can advise you of the
most suitable plan of action. All of our classes & PT sessions offer progressions and
regressions on each exercise so are suitable to people of all levels.

Personal Training

One to one personal training sessions where we will address your health and fitness goals and create a plan to get you there and keep you there. During a course of personal training sessions, we work on improving your strength, posture, overall fitness and nutrition. 
We put together programs specific to the client’s needs & ability. 
Personal training lets us tackle injury prevention & injury rehab as well as get you in shape for any upcoming competitions or events.

Trinitary Fitness

Class includes strength, cardiovascular, endurance and conditioning which means you'll get an all-round workout. You are going to work in 2 teams and under no circumstances you can stop your assigned exercise. TEAM WORKOUT!!


As the name suggests, this class is made up of a variety of different circuits combining cardio and strength. 
You will rotate across each circuit station burning calories and working each of the muscle groups. Are you up for the challenge?

RowHIIT / RowHIIT Cardio

RowHIIT incorporates the rowing machine into a circuit of exercises focusing on different areas of the body. RowHIIT Cardio is purely a cardio interval training session using the rowing machine only. These classes will switch between a normal and intense pace.

Run Club

Taken in the great outdoors, Run Club trains clients the old fashioned way, running. One of the most important exercises that often gets neglected, we improve your ability and stamina while stimulating your cardiovascular system. By the end of this class your endorphins will be blasting.

Body Tone

Resistance training ideal for those who would like to tone up. In this class, we utilise weights weights weights. Kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, powerbags, slam balls, you name it.


Legs, bums and tums. Keeping you toned and strong, this class will have you wanting to walk around in your swimwear year round.


This class is taken by two personal trainers providng an in depth coaching experience to clients & ensuring all exercises are performed correctly so you get the most out of the session. We spread the class over a variety of stations pushing you to perform at your best ability. Think you can rise to the challenge?


Using powerbags, RIP60 & slam balls, this class provides a mix of strength and cardio training in a strategically designed circuit working your full body

Date Night Inferno

Fun and healthy way to engage with your significant other. It has been proven that couple workouts increase levels of happiness and attraction in a relationship and help partners reach their fitness goals faster. This is a high intensity class using mainly your body weight. Each exercise will be performed for 45 seconds and you will be challenged to perform as many reps as you can during that time. Your partner's job would be to push you to your limits & vice versa!

Kett & RIP

A strength class utilising kettlebells and RIP60, we will target different muscle groups and enhance your cardiovascular ability.

Fat Fighters

A slower paced class specific to those suffering with obesity, this is a great class to ease you into the gym setting, build your confidence and get you on the road to good health. You will be surrounded by others in the same position as you and provided with plenty of support & encouragement.

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