Welcome to Trinity Fit, we are a boutique health & fitness studio based in Crouch End. With
our guidance & inspiration, you can achieve your health & fitness goals, becoming a fitter,
stronger, better version of yourself. We design every workout with one ultimate goal in mind; to
ensure that regardless of performance, every client leaves our doors feeling that they have


Our facilities offer personal training, group classes & physiotherapy. All levels are welcome with progressions & regressions of exercises available to suit every individual’s ability. We take pride in Trinity Fit being a special needs & disability-friendly studio, we host classes designed to suit those who may be struggling with obesity, mental health challenges and other conditions.


At Trinity Fit, we are known for the attentiveness delivered in each of our group classes which are all taken by fully qualified industry professionals. The classes we offer are intimate with a maximum of 10-15 spaces available, this lets us ensure that each client is getting the most out of their membership. Our personalised one to one approach enables coaches to correct client’s posture, ensure clients perform exercises safely & correctly, preventing injury & enhancing results.


Our personal training sessions and group classes are like nothing you have ever experienced.
Both exhilarating & effective you will be sure to leave the gym with a burst of energy and brimming with that sweet sense of satisfaction. No one ever leaves the gym feeling regret, choosing to walk through our doors will be the best decision you made that day.


To Trinity Fit, health, wellness & exercise is not a separate aspect of your life but a part of it. Our ethos integrates guidance, discipline and simplicity into the way we execute each of our sessions. The worst thing someone can do when attempting to reach a new fitness goal is to go to your local gym, try some machines, not see results, become discouraged & quit.


At Trinity Fit, we have fully qualified personal trainers that will assess your goals and advise what classes or one to one sessions would suit you best, outlining how many times a week you should be training in order to maintain results. It is our aim to educate clients and keep them on track. 
With this approach, you will achieve your fitness targets - guaranteed.

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